Month: November 2011

Will People Ever Get Along


Faster Than Light Neutrinos


New high-precision tests carried out by the OPERA collaboration in Italy broadly confirm its claim, made in September, to have detected neutrinos travelling at faster than the speed of light. The collaboration today submitted its results to a journal, but some members continue to insist that further checks are needed before the result can be considered sound.
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Stanley Kubrick – The Works

Difference Engine: Luddite legacy

Babbage: The Economist
Nov 4th 2011, 16:10 by N.V. | LOS ANGELES

AN APOCRYPHAL tale is told about Henry Ford II showing Walter Reuther, the veteran leader of the United Automobile Workers, around a newly automated car plant. “Walter, how are you going to get those robots to pay your union dues,” gibed the boss of Ford Motor Company. Without skipping a beat, Reuther replied, “Henry, how are you going to get them to buy your cars?”
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How Much Does The Internet Weigh?